Case studies

Dundee Beach Charity Golf Day

The Dundee Beach Charity Golf Day was the brainchild of a group of local residents and a few cold beers. They wanted to raise money for the Cancer Council to support family and friends stricken by the disease. Creative Territory supported them by providing all event management services free of charge.

The event was held in June 2015 on a 2.5 km stretch of pristine beach in the remote community of Dundee in the Northern Territory.There is no golf course there, and the beach is under water at high tide, so the residents had to designated set up the course just hours before the event took place to take advantage of the low tide. Our goal was to raise $19,000 to support the local community through cancer awareness and support programs as well as paying for the volunteer community ambulance.The event raised almost $21,500 and 100% of participants rated it as either "fantastic" or "bloody fantastic".

The event won:

  • Australian Event Awards, Best Regional Event Northern Territory
  • Public Relations Institute of Australia, Winner Pro Bono Campaign Northern Territory
  • Public Relations Institute Golden Target Awards, Highly Commended Pro Bono Campaign

As the Golden Target Award judges commented:

This campaign was a very innovative project which included a whole community approach and engaged a wide range and number of participants and volunteers. All SMART objectives and campaign goals were achieved using creative strategies and it demonstrated that with a dedicated team of volunteers, funds could be raised and people could have fun in the process. This is a very impressive example of achieving unanticipated outcomes, bringing the community closer together and supporting essential services and vulnerable people living with cancer. Excellent campaign!